Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Coldplay - Castles (Live) [2006]

Coldplay - Castles [2006]
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Rock

01 Crest Of Waves
02 One I Love
03 No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground
04 Things I Dont Understand
05 Gold In Them Hills
06 Brothers And Sisters
07 I Ran Away
08 Easy To Please
09 Bigger stronger
10 For You
11 Pour Me-Live
12 Moses-Live
13 See You Soon-Live
14 Ladder To The Sun-Live
15 Such A Rush

Download mp3 album Coldplay - "Castles" (from friendly blog)

Coldplay at the Reebok Stadium
The huge stage took four days to erect. Overnight, it takes less than 8 hours to dismantle. Coldplay performed for roughly two hours. They left the arena at the speed of sound to a police escort. That’s life in the super wad squad.

After a pathetic charm offensive at Live 8 (except for Richard Ashcroft’s fantastic Bitter Sweet Symphony slot), it was time for pop’s slush puppies to show their mettle. Sandwiched between legends U2, The Who and Pink Floyd, they were made to look like complete novices last Saturday. Their album X&Y is selling like hot cakes, though it shows no real signs of progression or adventure. The song Speed Of Sound was a recent global download phenomenon, though a certain frog kept them away from their desired number one in the United Kingdom singles chart, much to the annoyance of Chris Martin.

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